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Imagine having your new driveways, pool decks, side walks, patios, walkways, steps, walks and other custom designs built with the utmost quality.

Beautiful marble pool deck built by N. Ricardo's and

Here's what one of clients has to say about a new recent driveway remodeling project done in Miami:

This is the time of the year to give a boost to your home's appearance, isn't it? Aren't you tired of that old driveway? What about that out of style patio?

Gorgeous walkway recently completed by N. Ricardo's and


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We are experts building driveways throughout the entire South Florida. We know every code there's to know from any city. We can help you to get the permit either from the city or from your own association. It's a breeze working with us. We will help you every step of the way.



You can count on experts to install your new driveway. This (Shaddock Lane Boca Raton FL) is a beautiful marble driveway recently completed at the Bocaire Country Club in Boca Raton. See, when a professional is really good at what he does, the word of mouth works wonders. At the same Condominium (Bocaire Country Club) we have built 4 driveways (2 marble + 2 brick) and 1 marble pool deck. 95% of our clients come from words of mouth. You can be certain that means something. You watch several videos of the work we recently completed:

Dear Mr. Ricardo,

Our new brick paved driveway and patio which your company installed have added much value to our property. From start to finish, we were impressed with your timeliness, honesty, and great team effort. Who knew you could install a well constructed driveway in just a few days! We really enjoy the new look of our front yard and we have had lots of compliments from our neighbors. You and your company will be highly recommended to our friends.

Sincerely, Rafael and Julie Trujillo .... 16 CT Fort Lauderdale FL June 2007

Note: Just get in touch with us and after we give you a free estimate we will let you know Rafael and Julie Trujillo email and phone number above. This way you may contact him and get the specifics of the work.


"May 29, 2007

Dear Mr. Ricardo,

Please accept our thanks for a spectacular job performed by your company. Our pool deck and patio areas look absolutely beautiful with the new pavers. We are especially impressed with the paving job done on our waterfront patio which is winding and very intricate. You are quite the artisans!

When our new shrubs are planted, we feel that our condominium will have the loveliest waterfront in Pompano Beach in part, thanks to your efforts.


Gael M. Corbin, Secretary Waterbury Condominium Board of Directors"


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"Hello Nilson:

Thank you so much the wonderful job you've completed at my house at the Bocaire Country Club in Boca Raton. I loved it. Your team finished the job on time. I particularly appreciate the attention to detail that was given every step of the way. At all times the site job was very clean. For me that is very important. I am a very detail oriented person.

Nilson, thank you for advising me which material to use in this project. The quality of the marble and the color that you've suggested were great! The final result was exactly what I was expecting.

I was dazzled with the skills you and your crew demonstrated setting the pattern with the four different sizes of Turkish marble. Very impressive!

Every time I've approached your crew they were very polite to me.

I was so happy with the work that you've performed at my place that I've mentioned you to a few friends at the Bocaire Country Club. I am so glad that a few of the them already hired you to execute projects at their houses.

Looking forward to hire you again in my next project"

Mrs. Pickman 17136 Cassava Way
Boca Raton, FL 33487 (561) 994-6459"

May 2007

Note: Thanks for Mrs. Pickman recommendation I am completing my 5th project at the same condominium in the Bocaire Country Club.



"I am so happy with the professional service I received from you and your company.  There isn't one person that doesn't come to my house and compliment the work you have done.  I would definitely use you again, and also as you already saw, would recommend you to anyone that asked me.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

Allen Chelminsky
Miami, FL
September 2007

Note: Mr. Chelminsky recommended my company to three different friends at the same condominium in Miami. And everyone is absolutely happy with the results of the work.

Just get in touch with us and after we give you a free estimate we will let you know Mr. Chelminsky's email and phone number above. This way you may contact him and get the specifics of the work.



"We are writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our Pavers. The patio is well designed now and we no longer have problems with flooding, mold, and weeds.

Yeg and Isaac
Miami, Fl 33160

September 2007


Now is the time to replace that broken concrete with high-quality, attractive paving stones.

Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to upgrade your driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck.


Here Are Just A Few of Top Quality Brick Paving Services Provided by N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers:

bullet Brickwork & Blocks
bullet Columns
bullet Patio & Tile work
bullet Rock Walls and Retaining Walls
bullet Steps (concrete, flagstone, brick)
bullet Entryways, Walkways & Paths
bullet Driveways & Sidewalks
bullet Interlocking Pavers


N. Ricardo's and , Inc. has been serving valuable customers since 2001.
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Nilson Ricardo
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N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc. is registered (click on the name of company), is licensed and fully insured company. We are fluent speaking: English, Spanish and Portuguese. N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers is serving the South Florida area since 2001. Our specialties are in commercial and residential installations, reinstallation, repair, remodeling and maintenance of brick and stone pavers.


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N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc. and is a professional South Florida Brick Pavers installation company. We install only the highest quality brick pavers, interlocking pavers, driveway pavers, pool decks, patios, walkways, entryways, architectural precast, concrete flatwork, and retaining wall systems. Also offering brick pavers repair services. Serving Residential and Commercial customers in all of Florida.

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